Production is all that happens to make a script get to stage, airwaves or screen. Realising ideas and creatively inspiring writers with a can do attitude is where my skills lie.

With In Yer Face Theatre Company my job is to work alongside directors and writers at every stage o production. Starting with injecting ideas before the script is written works as a guideline for possibilities. After that I work with the director and actors to make sure thematically and stylistically things gel and get done.

Working alongside others getting the best from me and them helped when producing films under the Good Deposit banner. Producing short films is a real passion of mine. I am blessed to know a ot of talented people and I work as the connector in the middle of all of them to get the best for the project in hand.

I also have experience working alongside businesses to produce short promotional films. On my own with businesses like The Burton Road Clinic and alongside film production house Little Picture for other work.

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