Based in South Manchester Rob works as a Production Manager and Producer in Theatre and Media.
Renowned for connecting talent and bringing creativity to communication,
his can-do attitude inspires writers and directors in realising their ideas.
Charities value his gift for producing the best on tight budgets without compromising on quality.

His long-term relationship with In Yer Face Theatre Company saw him work alongside writers and directors from inception to delivery of touring productions. Dedicated to innovate staging in any given space or scenario, Rob continuously transformed unlikely venues into unforgettable theatrical experiences for a range of audiences.

Adept at blending the best of live theatre with prerecorded multimedia, his artistic vision combined with technical knowledge is invaluable to theatre-makers. Rob’s working process marries collaboration and creativity; he values relationship and enjoys inputting into ideas as well as inviting contributions from others throughout creative development.

Rob founded ‘Good Deposit productions’ to create cinematic and radio content for UK business, charities, and broadcast sectors. Previous film commissions include:

Promotional videos for local businesses, such as- Ashworth Opticians, OurBoards, the Burton Road Clinic;
Documenting work with leading children’s charity, Barnardos;
Educational and awareness courses highlighting domestic abuse for Press Red.
Short original drama broadcast online and on Satellite television.

Rob is always looking to build new relationships for creating bold and refreshing content across all sectors. Whether you’re looking to promote something, document a project, raise awareness, or produce an original story- Rob will land your idea on stage, airwave or screen.